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Populous Unveils Germany

First Climate-Neutral Event Arena in Munich

Architecture firm Populous has been chosen as the architect for a new multi-use, climate-neutral event arena in Munich, Germany. The structure aims to create a unique experience; a “compact, efficient, and visually stunning” venue that will be instantly recognizable and reflective of the character and culture of the Bavarian metropolitan area, serving as a new landmark. The 20,000-capacity venue draws upon Bavarian heritage through a support structure that pays homage to the lozenge shape used in the Bavarian state flag.



The winning design was selected after a multi-stage architecture competition by a jury chaired by Professor Markus Allman. For the first time in Germany, the new event arena will be climate-neutral due to lifecycle-based planning to reduce the carbon footprint during construction, as well as climate-positive management of the operating phase. Thousands of solar panels will be placed on the roof of the arena and around the site, coupled with the potential for geothermal energy and district heating, ensuring that the energy for operating the arena can be generated and supplied on site. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provided the framework for the arena’s sustainability and climate strategy, and will be certified according to an internationally recognized sustainability system.

Populous Unveils Germany’s First Climate-Neutral Event Arena in Munich 2-Mars Ces


The arena’s interior design takes into account the diverse demands of artists in terms of technology, stage shows, and productions, to provide unique concert and live experiences. The seating is arranged in a horseshoe shape, around the multifunctional stage, and is complimented with tailored acoustic elements to further enhance the experience. To fully meet the requirements of concerts and live entertainment events, SWMUNICH is pursuing a concept that will set new quality benchmarks for external architecture and interior design, particularly in terms of acoustics, sightlines, equipment, and hospitality, as well as the important aspects of sustainability, transportation, and the environment.

The arena will be located on an entirely new green space next to Lab Campus, the technology and innovation center at Munich Airport. The venue is set to enhance the cultural offering of the region, boosting tourism and the local economy.

Populous Unveils Germany’s First Climate-Neutral Event Arena in Munich 3-Mars Ces

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