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MARS CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICE COMPANY (MARS) specializes in new building construction, grading, site preparation, and civil engineering for all Vertical and Horizontal infrastructures, such as schools, clinics, embassies, and warehouses. We are also pioneers in logistics, & UXO removal, etc. with having a highly qualified board and significant experience in the above fields.

The difference between RESTORATION and RENOVATION




After several years of the life of the building, as a result of the passage of time due to erosive factors such as environmental factors and natural events such as floods and earthquakes, damage may occur to the building, which requires reconstruction and restoration. have, without the overall structure of the building undergoing changes and the need to fix the damage and restore it to its original form. This is mostly done in the case of the buildings and buildings of the historical context of the city and cultural works, which the specialists having sufficient expertise in the way of restoration and reconstruction of the building without harming the face and texture of the work with similar materials and the original architectural style. They will rebuild.




You will need to renovate the building when without changing the structure and general appearance of the building, there is a desire to create internal changes and modernization and relocation of some elements to create diversity or change the style and sometimes change the use and optimal use of the internal spaces in sync with Have up-to-date methods.


Some of the common actions that take place in renovation are:

Changes in the exterior of the building.

Changing the wall covering, such as installing wall paper and posters, or changing the color, or all kinds of wall coverings and modern and three-dimensional wall coverings.

Building floor changes and installation of new ceramic tiles or types of flooring, parquet and epoxy.

Changes in the ceiling and plexiglass ceiling lighting or types of false ceilings and kenaf.

Replacement of doors, windows and handles, replacement of switches and sockets.

Changing cabinets or counters and counters and partitioning the space with new materials.

Renovation of building facilities such as heating and cooling facilities, water and sewage pipes.

Strengthening, optimization and intelligentization of electrical wiring and lighting.

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